Monday, September 10, 2007

With the winter months approaching and the drop in temperatures condensation or fog on glasses, shields and goggles will become an all too common problem. For those who wear prescription eyewear they will have the problem of their lenses instantly fogging up everytime they come in from the cold.

Those who participate in outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hockey and others are constantly fogging up their protective eyewear. This is due to body heat or heavy respiration beneath your eyewear or face shield when doing these physical activities. Even so called anti fog or coated lense will still fog up under these circumstances.

These are also activities that require clear vision at all times. Not being able to see clearly can result in accidents and poor performance. If you are being left in the fog there is now a solution. Fogtech Advanced Anti Fog! Our anti fog is unlike anything you have ever tried...why?...because it works. Fogtech works so well you only need to apply it once for days of fog free use.

As an avid snowmobiler who also wears prescription lenses I can tell you that this will be the last anti fog solution you will ever buy. It saved me from spending $500 on a heated visor set up for my helmet. Snowmobiling in Eastern Canada can get quite cold and Fogtech hasnt failed me yet.

Here are just a few of thousands of reviews we recieve:

Ski and Snowboard Reviews
"M.L." on Web Bike World "the most outstanding "anti fogging" product that I have used in 40 years" 1/12/05
Mark L. from New Zealand: "Nothing actually worked as FogTech did." 5/6/04
wBW Visitor "M.L." writes: "..the most outstanding 'anti fogging' product" 11/21/03
"Black Eyed Dog' from "..I can attest to FogTech's usefulness." 11/11/03

Shooter, Archery, and Hunter Reviews
Robert Holley from Arlington, Texas, USA: "The dang thing did not fog." 10/16/04
Steve Holloway from Milton, Florida, USA: "My lenses NEVER fogged!" 10/23/04, USA: "The ultimate Anti Fog application." 9/1/04
Dr. Ryan McWhorter from Arkansas, USA: "FREAKING AWESOME." 5/4/04
Steve H. from "Lasts for days not hours!" 4/12/04
Ron W. from Maryville, TN, USA: "The Fogtech performed great." 2/3/04
Lee W. from Singapore: "It works like magic!" 1/29/04
Brad D. from Michigan, USA: "Two thumbs, way up!" 1/20/04
"KBacon" from "...all I have to say is WOW" 12/28/03
"PineLander" from " works great" 12/28/03
"bogobble" from "I guarantee this stuff works." 12/3/03
Robert C . from Manitoba, Canada: "..once applied..I never experienced the dreaded fog up" 11/21/03
Eric H. from Mississippi, USA: "..the fogging is history!" 9/19/03

There are still free samples available so if you would like to give our product a try email us at to get more information on Fogtech please visit our website at

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